Colombia is presently undergoing a great transformation. Long before the recent signing of the peace treaty, the country was one of Kike Calvo‘s favorite destinations. Knowing one day Colombia will shift its economic focus towards ecotourism, Kike spent years exploring the remote corners of the country. Acquiring ground experience that eventually led to the creation of incredible and different photo expeditions.

Similar to what has happened to Cuba, Colombia has remained a mystery for many travelers and photographers. As Audubon describes it one their site, “Colombia has more species of birds than any other country and has the potential to become the world’s premier birdwatching destination.” And I would add, not only thanks to its birds, but due to its unique culture diversity, absolutely untouched towns not affected by outside influences, its landscapes, dances, and traditions. Colombia is clearly an unknown paradise that hides marvelous natural wonders, from ice-capped volcanos or white sandy beaches to Amazonian jungles or deserts.

Photo: Folkloric Ballet of Antioquia. Medellin © Kike Calvo for World of Dances

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