These are our upcoming birdwatching expeditions. We do also offer photography birdwatching expeditions that are led by National Geographic Creative photographer Kike Calvo, and include lectures, photo critiques and photographic training. All our expeditions are led by a professional naturalist-birdwatcher expedition leader. We do also work with a local guide on every location we visit.

The Colombian Massif, Putumayo and the Western Andes and Choco Bioregion
Departures: June 12 – 26, 2018 (15 Days)

The Western Andes, Cauca Valley, Santa Marta Mountains and the Caribbean Coast
Departures: July 15 – 29, 2018 (15 Days)

Western and Central Andean Endemics, Cauca Valley and Choco Specialties
Departures: January 7 – January 21, 2018;  Jul 1 – Jul 15, 2018 (15 Days)

Interested in a private custom birding expedition? 


Photo © Juan Jose Arango /

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