What some travelers say about Kike Calvo and his expertise on the road:

  • “Learning photography from Kike Calvo is like having a basketball lesson with Michael Jordan.” – Eyal Aronoff, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.
  • “We had a simply wonderful time on our trip. Each and every one of the 12 of us fell in love with Tayrona and Cartegena. We would most certainly recommend CPE to friends and family. In fact, I already have! Thank you! — Joanne and Doron. December 2019.
  • “We have had the good fortune of traveling with the extraordinary photojournalist, Kike Calvo, on our first trip to South America. He is a wonderful teacher, easily sharing his knowledge of photography with a group ranging from rank amateurs to professionals. His kindness, breadth of knowledge and boundless energy are delightful to be around. We look forward to traveling with him again.” -Katie Busch, M.D and Jan Fawcett M.D.
  • I highly recommend Kike’s photographic expertise, Colombian cultural depth of knowledge, and not least, his ability to bring out innate creative skills in anyone through his smile, thoughtful and fun-loving personality!” – Pamela Frydman-Roza
  • Kike is an innate teacher who thoroughly enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for photography with those less skilled behind the lens. His happy manner and approachable personality make asking questions easy and learning that much more fun. I had traveled merely with my iPhone and he showed me many features that I never knew existed as well as gave me ideas for framing shots and taking photos that were culturally interesting. Kike’s enthusiasm for his craft is palatable and I thoroughly enjoyed the tutelage I received from him during my trip. I highly recommend traveling with Kike and cannot say enough about him! We had such fun and every day was a new adventure.” -Jennifer Brown, Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Kike Calvo is not only a fine photographer, but a terrific travel companion as well.  He has a sunny and optimistic approach to life which is fun and infectious, a calm and polite way of handling  difficult situations, and is both unobtrusive and professional to his photographic work.” – David H. Miller, New York.
  • “I traveled with  world-recognized professional photographer Kike Calvo.   I found him to be more than a photographer, he is an artist.  His approach to composition, lighting, and color is exceptional and his love of photography brings joy and inspiration to all.  His warm, outgoing personality, sense of humor and enthusiasm make him an ideal leader for any expedition.  It was a pleasure meeting and traveling with him.” – Howard Sherman, M.D. New York.
  • “We had the pleasure of traveling with Kike Calvo on our trip along the West Coast of South America in the fall of 2015.  Kike’s easy-going personality, his ability to work with photographers at all skill levels, and his unique eye on the cultural aspects of the trip greatly added to the overall experience. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and look forward to having the opportunity to travel with him again.” – Bob Schafer and Susan Bowman

  • “My husband and I had the great fortune of recently traveling with photojournalist Kike Calvo . He was an incredible teacher, has a beautiful artistic eye, and presented truly compelling work that spoke directly to the heart. He is an engaging, kind and generous person and his infectious enthusiasm for culture, people, and nature makes being with him an adventure. Don’t miss a chance to travel with Kike! He is one in a million.– Mary Jo Cameron, Wilmington, NC.
  • “Kike’s ability to encourage guests to enjoy photography and teach techniques that greatly improved our traveling experience. Kike can make a novice feel like a professional photographer. I was able to capture whales moving, sunsets and landscapes that had depth. He was clear in the instruction and offered many opportunities to get more input to improve the photo taking experience and final product. I would highly recommend Kike Calvo as a photography  instructor, especially in areas where the traveler is unsure of landscape and best techniques. Traveling with Kike is a pleasure. His demeanor is kind, fun and great conversationalist. He is well informed of the areas of travel he is sharing with guests. If the opportunity presents itself, I will eagerly book my second trip with Kike as guide and teacher to another expedition and exploration of new lands.” – Michelle Russillo.

Reflections of our Epic 2-week discovery of Colombia – Susan Bowman & Bob Schafer.

For Gigi and myself this trip was a “Maslow Peak experience” We have been traveling since our early 20’s and have been to 150 plus countries….and only handful do we rate as a peak experience…Miss you all..a great group” — Joe Shurman, Inaugural Colombia Photo Expeditions Tour.

“We recently traveled with Kike in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. His engaging personality and love of travel made each day an exploration adventure that was greatly enhanced by the perspectives of a successful, professional photographer and teacher.Kike is passionate about photography and clearly enjoys sharing his expertise. He is able to patiently communicate with and inspire all levels of photographers. He has an ability to capture such beautiful images – whether a gorgeous, rare bird or an energetic festival dancer –and he willingly shares his techniques and tips. Kike offers honest and helpful photo critiques and encourages everyone to do better with a very respectful and positive teaching style. Extensive world travels, a broad and creative professional photographic range, combined with an in-depth knowledge of Colombian heritage, nature, and culture all give Kike Calvo the perfect combination of skills and experience to lead a top-notch tour operation. – G. M. O’Malley – San Francisco, California

“Our expedition with Kike Calvo was fantastic.  It is a completely different experience traveling with a National Geographic Creative photographer.  No matter what your skill level was, Kike helped you see all of your surroundings in a completely different light.  Just the slightest adjustment to your angle or stance made the difference between an average photo, and a beautiful representation of your memories.  He gave instruction, advice, perspective whenever we asked him.  We would follow him around the towns and villages we went to, watching what he was watching… seeing things with his vision.  Amazing.  Not to mention, de does all this with a kind heart, great sense of humor and passion for all of his subject matter.  We cannot wait to travel with Kike again.” — Amy Rectenwald, Luxury Travel Advisor.

Photo Traditional dancers in Murillo (Tolima). © Kike Calvo for World of Dances

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