Kike Calvo´s Colombia work in National Geographic

It is always a pleasure and an honor to see my photographic work from Colombia published in National Geographic.

What is a Peace of Mind Tour?

You are probably wondering what is a Peace-of-Mind Tour? We know that many of you are itching to get out and explore the world, and at Colombia Photo Expeditions we believe leisure travel will return and can be done safely.


Los Llanos Wild Camp Expedition in Colombia

We are delighted at Colombia Photo Expeditions to introduce a new unique once-in-a-lifetime expedition, a brand new exclusive Camp experience in Colombia. We can make it the core of your Colombia exploration, or add it, as a superb extension to your main trip. With a maximum capacity at the camp for 10 persons, the Camp is located in El Encanto de Guanapalo, a 9,000-hectare private … Read More Los Llanos Wild Camp Expedition in Colombia


Tailored Luxury Tours in Colombia

Travel at your own rhythm with only the people of your choice. Maximum flexibility for your Colombia Boutique Travel. To book a private photo expedition, review our site and let us know what are your main photographic interests. If you are interested in “ungoogleable” experiences, let Kike Calvo designed your in-house tailored experience in Colombia. On certain travel experiences, Kike can be your photo expert … Read More Tailored Luxury Tours in Colombia


Tailored Bird Photo Tours in Colombia

TAILOR YOUR OWN PHOTO TRIP – CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED DATES OF TRAVEL Why Should You Join This Expedition? For years we have been photographing and scouting the best photographic opportunities for birders and nature lovers in Colombia. This Tour will allow you to photograph at the Best Bird Feeder Sites in the country. And you will be able to travel in a small group, just with … Read More Tailored Bird Photo Tours in Colombia

🎥 ¿Qué es un Palabrero Wayuu? | La Guajira . Episodio 5

En este episodio hablamos con Jose Luis Pushaina, indígena Wayuu y experto en la cultura y las tradiciones de éste pueblo. Nos explica la jerarquía y organización del pueblo wayuu, y nos aclara quienes son los palabreros, nombrados Patrimonio Cultural e Inmaterial de la UNESCO. ► Descubre Colombia: http://www.colombiaphotoexpeditions.com

🎥 ¿Qué es un Piache Wayuu? | La Guajira . Episodio 4

En este episodio hablamos con Jose Luis Pushaina, indígena Wayuu y experto en la cultura y las tradiciones de éste pueblo. Nos explica qué es un Piache, o curandero Wayuu. ► Descubre Colombia: http://www.colombiaphotoexpeditions.com


Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and Photographer Maggie Steber

Deep knowledge and field expertise are two of the strengths of our Photo Expeditions in Colombia. We work with the best field guides and we aim for the best education and experience possible. Colombia Photo Expeditions offers private custom Photo Tours and fixed-date Expeditions  for photographers and travelers from around the world, specializing in cultural immersion, natural history, and photography, always traveling in small-sized groups with … Read More Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and Photographer Maggie Steber

Colombia: Hotel Islas Baru 🎥 Lugares con Encanto | Capítulo 2

En este episodio nos desplazamos hasta la costa caribe colombiana. Se trata del Hotel Islas Baru, un lugar de bellísima arquitectura, donde la simplicidad, el lujo y la tranquilidad se aunan.

Colombia: Top Birds of the Choco Region 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 3

In this episode we explore the top birds of the Choco Region in Colombia.

Colombia: Top Birds at Araucana Lodge 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 1

In this episode we travel to the Cauca Valley in Cali, Colombia. We unveiled the top ten birds at La Araucana Lodge, a hidden secret 45 min away from the city. The perfect place for birding and nature photography.

Colombia: Top 10 Birds 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 2

In this episode we professional birding guide talks about Colombia´s top ten birds.