Colombia is becoming a trendy family travel destination. Disney´s animated blockbuster Encanto has charmed the world. For many, Colombia is one of South America´s best-kept secrets. A country full of biodiversity, cultural riches and natural beauty.  We offer fun and educational itineraries in Colombia specifically designed for multi-generational families. All family members are welcome, from grandparents to kids, without forgetting close family friends. Daily fun experiences for all ages to create perfect memories. Our expeditions provide educational experiences along with active activities such as hiking, biking, birdwatching for kids, and more.

Why Should You Book a Tour?

✅ Bring your family to discover the land of Disney´s fictional family The Madrigal. Explore many of the film spotlights, including its landscape, culture, music,  and cuisine. And of course, discover the beautiful animals and colorful birds; tour the cobblestoned streets of Cartagena; or enjoy the haciendas in Colonial villages like Barichará.

✅ Discover the Colombian rhythms that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write his songs and music for Encanto. Music is an essential part of Colombian culture: the rhythms of the accordeon-centric Bambuco; the Afro-Colombian rhythms like the Maple; the Salsa, as well as the Cumbia, the traditional folk dance.

✅ For years we have been scouting the best photographic opportunities for birders, cultural enthusiasts, and nature lovers in Colombia. This Tour will allow you to bring your family on a private tour, exploring Colombia in a tailored family-friendly itinerary.  You will be able to travel in a small group. Invite your own family and friends and create your own Colombian experience.

✅ Our Founder Kike Calvo is a re-known children book author. He has distributed thousands of free bilingual books to kids in remote communities in Colombia, and around the world. Kike is not only a photographer and author, but has worked for many years as an Expert for National Geographic Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions. He was awarded with a Safina Center Fellowship for his The Adventures of Pili project.

Did You Know?

Our tours have created and been fine-tuned with the expertise of photographer and expert Kike Calvo, one of the first journalists to bring light and reviews about the movie Encanto in his YouTube Channel. To date, fis first video, Why did Disney choose Colombia has been watched more than 25,000 hours; viewed by 374,126 times; received 50,000 likes; and more than 13,500 comments, most of them praising his in-depth knowledge of Colombia,  its culture and natural beauties.

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Cats Park in Cali

San Cipriano

Traditional Antioquian restaurant

Los Nevados National Park



Hanging Bridge

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