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Cartagena’s Next Hip Restaurant?

As writer Ashley Mateo wrote in Time yesterday  “With its pink steel bars, exposed brick and piping, and wall paintings of jungle plants, Interno could be any other hip Colombian restaurant. But the employees inside aren’t just prepping food—they’re serving time. The 60-seat restaurant is located in a cordoned-off area of Cartagena’s San Diego prison, a minimum-security facility that’s the last stop for women … Read More Cartagena’s Next Hip Restaurant?


Colombia: So You Want to Explore the Land of a Thousand Rhythms?

This is the latest post in the Colombia Blog Series by Kike Calvo which profiles interesting information, research and thoughts on Colombia related to journalism, ecotourism, visual anthropology, exploration and photography. This article belongs to the author’s lifelong series The Güepajé Project. For the past few weeks I embarked on a rather remarkable music exploration around Colombia with Colombia Photo Expeditions. Most people have probably heard of, and hopefully danced … Read More Colombia: So You Want to Explore the Land of a Thousand Rhythms?


Photo of the Day: Juanchaco

Pictured: Children at play in Juanchaco, a small community in the Colombian Pacific Coast that faces Bahía Málaga. You can get there in just one hour boat ride from Buenaventura. Photo © Kike Calvo