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⏱00:00–02:49 Vistas aéreas de CHIRIBIQUETE ⏱02:49–03:19 Introducción Entrevista con el Antropólogo y Arqueólogo CARLOS CASTAÑO ⏱03:19–04:31 Encuentro del ARQUEOLOGO Carlos Castaño con el JAGUAR ⏱04:31–08:09 ¿QUÉ es Chiribiquete? ¿DÓNDE se encuentra Chiribiquete? ¿Y qué importancia tiene Chiribiquete para Colombia y para el mundo? ⏱08:09–09:32 ¿Qué es significa la palabra TEPUI? ⏱09:32–15:46 ¿Cómo se DESCUBRIÓ Chiribiquete? Carlos Castaño explica cómo descubrió Chiribiquete. ⏱15:46–21:53 ¿Cómo fue … Read More Explore CHIRIBIQUETE NATIONAL PARK

Malpelo: Shark Diving Capital of the World 🎥 Magical Places | Episode 3

In this episode, we explore Malpelo Island in Colombia. Malpelo is a small island in the eastern Pacific Ocean, located about 500 km west of the Colombian mainland. It consists of sheer and barren rock with three high peaks, the highest being Cerro de la Mona with a height of 300 m. Divers can find one of the largest shark populations in the world. … Read More Malpelo: Shark Diving Capital of the World 🎥 Magical Places | Episode 3

Discover the Most Beautiful River in the World

In this new episode, I journey into the most beautiful river in the world. Located in Colombia, its real name is Caño Cristales. Until recently, guerrilla activity rendered Caño Cristales almost completely inaccessible. The Macarenia clavígera “blossoms” only in the months between the dry and rainy seasons, so try to visit in the months of July through October. The Serranía de la Macarena is … Read More Discover the Most Beautiful River in the World


The Ethnobotany of Eden

Geographer Robert A. Voeks’s new book will soon be available. In the mysterious and pristine forests of the tropics, a wealth of ethnobotanical panaceas and shamanic knowledge promises cures for everything from cancer and AIDS to the common cold. To access such miracles, we need only to discover and protect these medicinal treasures before they succumb to the corrosive forces of the modern world. … Read More The Ethnobotany of Eden