Colombia: Top Birds of the Choco Region 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 3

In this episode we explore the top birds of the Choco Region in Colombia.

Colombia: Top Birds at Araucana Lodge 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 1

In this episode we travel to the Cauca Valley in Cali, Colombia. We unveiled the top ten birds at La Araucana Lodge, a hidden secret 45 min away from the city. The perfect place for birding and nature photography.

Colombia: Top 10 Birds 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 2

In this episode we professional birding guide talks about Colombia´s top ten birds.


A new species: The Dancing Antpitta

A new species to science has been discovered in Colombia, just 90 minutes from one of the lodges we regularly use in our expeditions.  If you are interested in photographing this bird, we hope to be able to visit the site in 2020. The bird is locally called Dancing Antpitta because it has a habit of shaking back and forth, but also in honor … Read More A new species: The Dancing Antpitta


在哥伦比亚观鸟 (Birdwatching in Colombia) 探索哥伦比亚——文化·音乐·摄影·观鸟之旅 “超过1,900种鸟类——比世界上其他国家都多——哥伦比亚是一个等待被发现的鸟类天堂。 探索高海拔山峰、热带森林、沙漠和沿海栖息地,去寻找一系列热带鸟类,包括鹟、蜂鸟、唐纳雀、巨嘴鸟等。在整个旅程中,去见一见当地组织的成员并了解他们所做的保护工作。”——Audubon —– 观鸟者纪录片摄影探险队 ( The Birders Documentary Photo Expedition ) 在这次新的旅途中,我们将跟随“鸟人纪录片”的脚步!! 北哥伦比亚鸟类的踪迹 圣玛尔塔山脉(THE SANTA MARTA MOUNTAINS)、加勒比海岸(CARIBBEAN COAST)和佩里亚山脉(PERIJA MOUNTAINS) —- 毫无疑问,哥伦比亚是自然和景观摄影、观鸟以及生态旅游的天堂。与我们的合作伙伴一起,我们将探索以下观鸟路线: WESTERN ANDES, CAUCA VALLEY, AND PACIFIC LOWLANDS 西部安第斯山脉,考卡山谷省和太平洋低地 这条路线的重点是考卡山谷省内的观鸟点,这是哥伦比亚最具备生物多样化的地区之一。据统计,该省鸟类种类达到惊人的1000种。 最佳出行时期:11月下旬至3月下旬,6月下旬至9月上旬。     NORTHERN COLOMBIA BIRDING TRAIL: SANTA MARTA MOUNTAINS, GUAJIRA AND SERRANIA DE PERIJA 哥伦比亚北部鸟类追踪:圣玛尔塔山,瓜希拉和佩里哈山脉 在哥伦比亚北部,加勒比海岸拥有地球上最高的沿海山脉——圣玛尔塔内华达山脉。这些独立的山脉已被确定为地球上最重要的也是唯一的保护濒临灭绝生物和地方性生物多样性的场所。 最佳出行时期:11月下旬至4月上旬和6月中旬至8月下旬。 CENTRAL ANDES AND NORTHERN PORTION OF WESTERN ANDES 中部安第斯山脉,西部安第斯山脉的北部部分 这条路线的重点是安第斯山脉西部和中部的咖啡种植区,这里拥有哥伦比亚超过四分之一的地域特征。安第斯山脉中部地区以高度超过5000米(16,500英尺)的冰川火山为主。它是哥伦比亚最大的国家公园之一。 最佳出行时期:11月下旬至3月下旬,6月下旬至9月上旬。 EASTERN … Read More 在哥伦比亚观鸟


Testimonial: Colombia is a Spectacular Place

“In January 2019 we took a birdwatching trip with Colombia Photo Expeditions, operated by their Birding Partner Colombia Birdwatch, a recommendation from Kike Calvo, and we were treated to a fantastic sampling of the country’s bird species. All the locations and birding hotspots have been carefully curated by Christopher Calonje through the years, offering a great experience for new and seasoned birdwatchers alike. Our … Read More Testimonial: Colombia is a Spectacular Place


The Andean Cock-of-the-rock are frugivorous bird predators

In a recent article on The Wilson Journal of Ornithology In-Press, authors  Laura Mahecha, Nickole Villabona, Laura Sierra, David Ocampo, and Oscar Laverde-R. described the Andean Cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola peruvianus) as a frugivorous bird predator. “Cotingas are considered essentially frugivorous, but a few records suggest they might include small vertebrates in their diet, mainly during the breeding season.” In March 2015, the authors recorded a young … Read More The Andean Cock-of-the-rock are frugivorous bird predators