Our Colombia birdwatching tours will help you discover the bird wonders of the country. Working together with the best bird experts in the country, our expeditions take the traveler and avid birder to the very best birding places in the country.

Our different tours will take you to all of the five distinct eco-regions ( The Andean Region, the Caribbean Region, the Chocó Region, the Amazon Region and the Orinoco Region) each with  special birds. An unsurpassed experience for birders, naturalists, and photographers.

Our group sizes can vary between 4-8 birders plus a leader.

We also specialize in private-customized expeditions for birders & nature photographers. If you want us to help organize a private tour for you, please write us.



Photo © Juan Jose Arango / VWPics.com
Map © Birdwatch Colombia

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