As a professional photographer, with years of experience working on assignment, my images of Colombia are regularly used in media around the world. This a fun list of some of the publications portraying Colombia through my eyes, many times captured during our journeys with our travelers.

Corpus Christ in Atánquez

¨Masterfully photographed in black and white, this important book celebrates the ancient tradition of Corpus Christi in the small town of Atánquez. It needs to be read by anyone who has been or is going to Colombia and wants to expand their knowledge about this unique cultural gem, one of the many hidden preserved in the country of a thousand rhythms. An honest and generous tribute to the Kankuamo People by Kike Calvo, a worldly and seasoned photographer, and a fresh voice in the world of (visual) anthropology.¨ ~ Wade Davis, Author of One River & Magdalena: River of Dreams

CNN Arabic: Caño Cristales

National Geographic: Cartagena de Indias

National Geographic: Barranquilla

CNN Travel

National Geographic España

National Geographic Italia

National Geographic Alemania

Financial Times: Colombia aims for post-pandemic tourism market

Washington Post: This jewel-like paradise in the Andes is one of Colombia’s hottest tourist destinations

Washington Post: We took a family trip to the capital of a notorious former drug cartel


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  1. Gracias kike , por mostrar lo bello de nuestro país

    El El mié, dic. 22, 2021 a la(s) 6:27 p.m., Colombia Photo Expeditions escribió:

    > KIKE CALVO posted: “” >


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