Why Should You Join This Expedition? For years we have been photographing and scouting the best photographic opportunities for birders and nature lovers in Colombia. This Tour will allow you to photograph at the Best Bird Feeder Sites in the country. And you will be able to travel in a small group, just with your own family and friends.

2 – 3 pax: $6,550 USD
4 – 5 pax: $5,250 USD
6 – 7 pax: $4,550 USD
8 pax: $4,200 USD

Double Occupancy
(15 Days)
Single Supplement $600 USD

Photo © Kike Calvo

About this Photo Tour

The KM 18 and San Antonio Cloud Forest provides an excellent introduction to bird photography in the Colombian Andes. Some of the best bird feeder setups in Colombia are found within one hour of the Araucana lodge, each with its unique perches and variety of birds. In addition, for those who enjoy photographing in natural environments, this portion of the western Andes offers some very well-preserved habitat. At feeder sites, this tour targets species such as the endemics Multicolored Tanager and Colombian Chachalaca and near endemics such as Scrub, Flame-rumped, Golden-naped, Saffron-crowned, Rufous-throated tanagers. In terms of hummingbirds, more than 20 species occur at the feeders including Blue-headed Saphire, Purple-throated Woodstar, Long-billed Starthroat, Long-tailed Sylph, Booted Racket-tail and Black-throated Mango.

Photo © Kike Calvo

The route then climbs to the central Andean range, to the world-renown Rio Blanco and Tinamu Reserves near Manizales, where there are excellent chances for Antpittas, tanagers, and hummingbirds at the feeders, plus many other cloud forest and montane birds. After more ascending, one can soak in hot springs overlooking the scenic Central Andes, and look for species adapted to high elevations in Los Nevados National Park with the beautiful Nevado del Ruiz as a backdrop.

We then head to Jardin to the world’s best photography set up at an Andean Cock-of-the-rock lek, where it is common to have more than 10 individuals posing for the cameras. The tour ends with a day in Bogota, photographing more than ten species of hummingbirds at the very famous Observatorio de Colibries.

Photo © Kike Calvo

Photo © Kike Calvo


Day 1: Arrive in Cali
Day 2: La Minga Reserve
Day 3: KM 18 and Cock-of-the Rock
Day 4: Upper Anchicaya – Doña Dora Feeders
Day 5: Araucana Lodge and Travel to Buga
Day 6: Sonso Lagoon and Grape Park for Ruby Topaz – Transfer to Tinamu
Day 7: Tinamu Lodge and Travel to Termales del Ruiz
Day 8: Los Nevados National Park
Day 9: Hacienda El Bosque and Travel to Manizales
Day 10: Rio Blanco
Day 11: Rio Blanco and Travel to Jardin for Andean Cock-of-the-rock Lek
Day 12: Finca Babusa and Lek
Day 13: Jardín – Medellin and flight to Bogota
Day 14: The Hummingbird Observatory
Day 15: Depart Bogota

Photo © Kike Calvo

Photo © Kike Calvo

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