“In January 2019 we took a birdwatching trip with Colombia Photo Expeditions, operated by their Birding Partner Colombia Birdwatch, a recommendation from Kike Calvo, and we were treated to a fantastic sampling of the country’s bird species. All the locations and birding hotspots have been carefully curated by Christopher Calonje through the years, offering a great experience for new and seasoned birdwatchers alike. Our talented local guide, José Luna, was very skilled at identifying birds by their songs and calls, and pointing them for us—often times more than once, for those of us who didn’t catch them the first time around! We enjoyed the camaraderie afforded by the small group of eight in our tour and the shared experiences as we traveled through the region, admiring its abundant flora and fauna. Colombia is a spectacular place and its people are friendly and welcoming. Chris and his dedicated staff made every effort to ensure we had the best possible experience, both birdwatching and getting to know his country.”

Click here to learn more about birding in Colombia 

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1 Comment on “Testimonial: Colombia is a Spectacular Place

  1. Great photos…..but missing the important factor about Colombia “ the leading alternative healing center of the world” joe shurman


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