This is the first post in the Colombia Audiograph Series by Colombia Photo Expeditions, in which Kike Calvo combines audio recordings and documentary photographs, sharing interesting stories, sounds, research, interviews and thoughts about Colombia. This article belongs to the author’s lifelong series The Güepajé Project.

Who: Esteban Copete
What: Colombian Marimba Player, Founder of Kinteto Pacifico
Where: Cali

Grandson of the iconic Colombian composer Petronio Alvarez, Esteban Copete, born in Choco, is one of the members of Kinteto Pacifico. Copete has explored the musical tradition of the Pacific Region, such as Currulao or Chirimia, and has combined them with Jazz, Bossa Nova and R&B.




If you are interested in exploring Colombia’s music and dance scene, please check our Colombia Music Expeditions.  Click here to listen to Esteban Copete Music.

Photo & Sound Recording: Kike Calvo
Music © Esteban Copete and Kinteto Pacifico

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