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The Asociación Colombiana de Ictiólogos (ACICTIOS), the largest network of fish experts in Colombia, has created a reference list of all the fresh water species in the country.
After Brazil, Colombia holds the Second place in the number of fresh water species, with a total of 1494, 374 of them endemic. From this total, 706 live in the Amazon, 663 in the Orinoquia, 223 in the Caribbean, 220 in the Magdalena-Cauca region, and 130 in the Pacific. All the results are available free of charge through Sistema de información en Biodiversidad  de Colombia (SIB Colombia).

Learn more about the Academic Paper here.
Photo: Cristales Selva, Caño Cristales. © Kike Calvo 

Freshwater Fish Checklist in Colombia
Freshwater Fish Checklist in Colombia by Region

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