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On a recent article published by Revista Espacios, the authors described how one of the most relevant stages of coffee processing is drying due to the fact that it affects the quality of the organoleptic properties of the product. At this stage, there are crucial variables such as the drying time, temperature, airflow, and the physical-chemical characteristics of the drying agent in contact with the grains, and the thickness of the drying layer, among others.

Olmos, Duque and Rodriguez reviewed the coffee drying process, the current technologies used at a national level and international technological development opportunities in order to identify the current status of the process.

As a conclusion, the article explained how in Colombia, coffee drying has been made by traditional methods; advances generally have led to improve the existing technologies; this help having better efficiency and less pollution. This research process in Colombia is limited to the scarce knowledge of coffee growers in relation to innovation and to the lack of available resources in the sector to finance further research.

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State of the art of coffee drying technologies in Colombia and their global development
Luis Carlos OLMOS Villalba 1; Eduardo Alexander DUQUE Grisales 2; Elizabeth RODRIGUEZ 3

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